Memphis, Tennessee – FedEx Express has announced it will purchase 51 gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles from Azure Dynamics Corporation, bringing its U.S. hybrid fleet to 325 when the new hybrid step vans are delivered during November and December of 2009.

Most of the new hybrids will be put into service at a station in Bronx, New York, making it the first FedEx all-hybrid facility, with about 100 trucks.

“Even during a challenging fiscal year, FedEx has continued to make investments in hybrid electric and electric vehicles a priority because of the long-term value in vehicle technologies that reduce fuel costs and pollution,” said John Formisano, vice-president of global vehicles at FedEx Express. “FedEx now operates seven different hybrid or electric truck models around the globe, demonstrating that commercial delivery vans can reduce pollution and increase efficiency without any sacrifice in performance and durability.”

With its electric-launch assist and engine-off at idle, the vans are expected to provide a fuel efficiency improvement of 30 per cent in stop-and-go city traffic.

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