Toronto, Ontario – The federal government will invest up to $117.5 million over seven years in GreenField Ethanol’s plant in Johnstown, Ontario, in support of biofuels development.

“These investments, from both the ecoENERGY for Biofuels and the ecoABC programs, will help GreenField Ethanol in our committed vision to help broaden Canadians’ fuel choices through the use of innovative technologies and disciplined leadership,” said Robert Gallant, president and CEO of GreenField Ethanol. “Not only will they strengthen the Johnstown community by supporting our plant facility, by saving jobs and by creating economic growth, they will also ensure an ongoing market for local area farmers.”

Natural Resources Canada’s ecoENERGY for Biofuels program, which provides an operating incentive to Canadian producers of renewable alternatives to gasoline and diesel based on production levels, will contribute $110.2 million. The remaining $7.3 million will be in repayable funding through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s ecoAgricultural Biofuels Capital (ecoABC), a $200 million initiative to increase Canadian renewable fuels production capacity and help farmers participating in the emerging market opportunity.

Local farmers will invest a total of $8 million in the project, which will provide them with a new source of revenue and also broaden the community’s economic base.

GreenField Ethanol produces 550 million litres of ethanol each year at three plants in Ontario and one in Quebec. Another plant is in development in Hensall, Ontario. The company is also involved in the development of biochemical process technology to produce cellulosic ethanol at its research facilities in Chatham, Ontario, and is working with Enerkem Inc. to build thermochemical cellulosic ethanol plants. GreenField’s ethanol is sold at some 1,300 gas stations across Canada.

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