Boulder, Colorado – A new infrastructure to charge plug-in hybrid and other electric vehicles will surpass five million charging stations worldwide by 2015, according to a new report from Pike Research.

This robust new infrastructure will enable charging access at home, work and around town, and will have cumulative equipment revenues of US$6.5 billion.

“While electric vehicles will be primarily charged at home, a strong funding push by governments will mean that more than half of all charge points will be public charging stations by 2015,” said industry analyst John Gartner. “Retailers will also install public access stations primarily as a marketing tool, and many companies will also offer workplace charging stations for their employees.”

Pike forecasts that China will be the world leader in charging stations, representing nearly half of the total market, due to a strong government mandate to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. The U.S. will be the second largest, with more than 1 million charge points installed by 2015; other hotbeds for electric vehicle charging infrastructure will include Israel and Denmark.

The report said that the added demand for electricity will have little overall effect on grid reliability, but it could diminish performance and accelerate capacity upgrades in neighbourhoods with the highest concentrations of electric vehicles, including faster utility adoption of smart grid technologies.

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