Brussels, Belgium – The European Union has placed temporary duties on biodiesel imported from the United States, following an investigation after complaints that U.S. producers exported subsidized biodiesel to Europe at “dumped” prices. Subsidies on the biodiesel included tax credits to U.S. producers.

“After a thorough investigation based on the facts in this case, the Commission has today decided to apply temporary duties on imports of U.S. biodiesel,” said Lutz Guellner, EU Spokesperson. “Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures are not about protectionism, they are about fighting unfair trade. This decision was taken on the basis of clear evidence that unfair subsidization and dumping of U.S. biodiesel has taken place, and that this is harming otherwise competitive EU industry, with potentially dire long-term effects.”

The measures will come into effect on March 13 and remain in place for four months, while the investigation and contacts with stakeholders continue. At the end of the investigation, the Commission will make a final recommendation to EU member states on whether or not to impose so-called “definitive” duties in this case, which if imposed would normally last for five years.

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