Warrendale, Pennsylvania – The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International is finalizing a standard that will reduce costs and increase convenience for electric vehicle charging.

The standard spells out the general physical, electrical and performance requirements for a coupler that will consist of a connector and vehicle inlet. The coupler has passed testing by Underwriters Laboratories for safety and durability.

The purpose of the SAE  standard is to define a common electric vehicle charging network.

“By standardizing, you’re reducing costs and allowing everyone to use the same connector,” said Gery Kissel, chair of the SAE hybrid task force. “All of the charging equipment you would pull up to in public would have identical connectors, so any vehicle could use one. It will be a consistent, reliable interface.”

The standard was developed by the SAE Hybrid Standard Committee in cooperation with the Japanese Automotive Research Institute. The standard will go out for ballot to committee members in July.

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