Miami Beach, Florida – Electric-vehicle drivers in Manhattan will now have the opportunity to charge their cars at select public locations. Icon Parking Systems, which operates more than 200 parking facilities in Manhattan, has entered into a pilot agreement with Car Charging Group.

“This partnership lays the groundwork in Manhattan to support the national roll-out of electric automobiles on the way to dealer showrooms in late 2010, from manufacturers such as Tesla Motors, the Renault and Nissan Alliance, General Motors, Ford and others,” said Michael Farkas, CEO of Car Charging Group.

The stations are 240-volt, manufactured by Coulomb Technologies. Through the aid of government tax incentives, subsidies, loan guarantees and grants, Car Charging provides the stations at no charge to property owners or managers while retaining ownership. This allows drivers access to convenient locations while the partners retain a percentage of the charging revenue generated.

Last month, New York installed its first public electric-vehicle charging station. According to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, the city now has 6,000 alternative-fuel vehicles in its fleet of 26,000 vehicles.

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