London, England – An electric version of the Smart Fortwo will go into small series production for sale in the U.K., following successful trials there.

Reaction from customers taking part in the trial, including the Metropolitan Police, universities, local councils, architects and energy companies, proved encouraging enough that Daimler AG confirmed that the car will go into production and be sold in the U.K. in early 2010.

The second-generation Smart Electric Drive will also take part in projects in Rome, Milan and Paris, along with several cities in the U.S. The second-generation model will feature a lithium ion battery that will give it a longer range, shorter charging time and improved prformance.

“It is absolutely fantastic to see manufacturers like Smart leading the way to make the electric vehicle an easy choice for Londoners,” said London mayor Boris Johnson. “The move to electric vehicles, which emit zero pollution on London’s streets, will have a massive impact on cutting carbon emissions to curb climate change whilst improving air quality and noise levels for our citizens.”

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