Albany, New York – A manufacturing facility for a plug-in electric vehicle is being planned for central New York state, following an announcement that the state will offer a US$3 million capital grant to proceed with the project.

Bannon Automotive LLC will locate its plug-in electric vehicle manufacturing site in Onondaga County, and will invest $26.6 million in the project. It will use technology based on that developed by REVA Electric of India to build REVA’s NXR model, which was recently debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The two-door, four-seat hatchback is powered by a lithium-ion battery, has a top speed of 160 km/h, and can travel up to 193 km on a single charge. The car can be fully charged in eight hours from a standard outlet, or in an hour and a half from a quick-charge station.

“We are proud that we will produce these cars for the North American market in the United States,” said Paul Wimer, CEO of Bannon Automotive. “Syracuse’s proximity to half the population of the United States allows us to easily reach key markets for new electric vehicles that extend well beyond the northeast. Central New York’s position as a national leader in green technology and the support we received from elected officials and economic development agencies were major factors in our decision.”

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