Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission (EC) has launched a campaign to promote energy-efficient driving among European car users. The campaign is a joint effort with Europia, one of the partners of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.

“To reach our ambitious targets of CO2 reduction and energy savings, we have to make a big effort in all sectors,” said Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs. “In certain cases this will require high-tech solutions, but in others, we just need to apply some common sense. This campaign provides a set of simple tips to reduce CO2 emissions and save money, simply by driving more intelligently. Learning a few tricks will help EU citizens to keep more fuel in their tanks, more money in their pockets and more CO2 out of the atmosphere.”

Over 45,000 petrol stations across 29 European countries will take part in the campaign, distributing millions of leaflets on fuel efficiency and responsible driving behaviour. Coinciding with the campaign, the EC has launched a video clip and a dedicated website with tips on how to drive efficiently and safely. For more information, visit

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