Auburn Hills, Michigan – A solid selective catalyst reduction system (SSCR) to reduce diesel emissions will be presented by powertrain technology company FEV Inc. at the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit. The solid system, which is installed on a Dodge Ram 2500 demonstrator truck, replaces a liquid urea system to reduce NOx emissions.

“All of our customers need to comply with future emissions regulations without sacrificing fuel economy,” said Dr. Dean Tomazic, vice-president of FEV’s engine performance and emissions division. “We have invested significant resources in the development of aftertreatment technologies, the solid SCR being just one example. This technology offers high potential due to its packaging advantages and the fact that it does not present the same low-temperature issues that exist with liquid urea systems.”

With a volume reduction of approximately 70 per cent when compared to liquid urea injection, the SSCR still offers equivalent or better performance than the liquid system. It is scalable and can be sized to accommodate light- and heavy-duty applications, as well as off-highway and stationary applications.

The potential use of a solid urea cartridge-based SCR system would also dramatically reduce or eliminate the issues associated with the development of a large-scale infrastructure for liquid urea refilling. The solid cartridge will last three times longer than a similarly-sized liquid urea system, and eliminates the need for costly heated tanks and supply lines.

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