Long Beach, California – Daimler will cap five years of U.S. road trials of its A-Class F-CELL hydrogen-powered vehicle with its participation in the Hydrogen Road Tour, which left Chula Vista, California on May 26 and will finish in Vancouver, B.C. on June 3.

The A-Class F-CELL will participate along with hydrogen-powered vehicles from other automakers on the nine-day trip, which will stop in 28 communities. The tour is showcasing the progress of hydrogen programs in the U.S. and is organized by the California Air Resources Board, the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Powertech Labs, the National Hydrogen Association, and the U.S. Fuel Cell Council.

A fleet of 30 A-Class F-CELL vehicles has been in daily use on public roads in the U.S. since 2004, including fleet and infrastructure trials supported by California and Michigan. Following the tour, Daimler will present the B-Class F-CELL, the first fuel cell vehicle produced in a small volume series, but under full series development processes.

“We are excited about the positive reception of fuel cell technology in California and across the U.S.,” said Dr. Christian Mohrdieck, Daimler’s director of fuel cell and battery drive development. “It is an extraordinary pleasure to me that our trial partners in government and in the private sector consider the A-Class F-CELL a living proof of the viability of hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. They are enthusiastically supporting the plea for funding and creating the much-needed infrastructure.”

Daimler said it will release the first near-serially produced fuel cell vehicles to customers as early as 2010, and expects marketability as early as 2015.

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