Thornhill, Ontario – New-car buyers are more concerned with saving money than the environment, according to a new survey conducted by CAA South Central Ontario and Pollution Probe.

“This research shows that when making ‘green’ choices, consumers are often more motivated by financial savings than environmental benefits,” said Bob Oliver, executive director of Pollution Probe. “Fortunately, purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle can benefit the environment and make economic sense.”

About 800 drivers were interviewed, who either purchased a new vehicle in the past 12 months, or were intending to purchase in the next year or so.

The study found the following:

– Engine and vehicle size are the factors believed to make the most difference in whether or not a vehicle is fuel-efficient.

– The majority of recent or prospective purchases rated reliability the most important of vehicle attributes, with fuel efficiency falling about mid-pack.

– Those polled said they believe making manufacturers comply with fuel efficiency standards would be the most effective way to get more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road.

– In terms of purchaser incentives, tax rebates and public education are seen to be the most effective.

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