Vancouver, British Columbia – Chevrolet and BC Hydro are teaming up to place fifteen Chevrolet Volts into the fleets of B.C.-based organizations late next summer, including two in BC Hydro’s fleet. The partnership is aimed at promoting consumer adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and building awareness of the environmental benefits of the cars.

“Electric vehicles will play an important role in B.C.’s clean energy future,” said Energy Minister Steve Thomson. “When powered by B.C.’s hydroelectricity, electric vehicles can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. British Columbia is playing a lead role in creating a culture of acceptance for environmentally-friendly transportation solutions and we are pleased to be able to work with automotive industry leaders like Chevrolet to accelerate the arrival of plug-in vehicles to our province.”

With British Columbia’s hybrid adoption rate being 2.5 times higher than in other provinces, BC Hydro anticipates that the province will have one of the highest electric vehicle adoption rates in North America.

To prepare for the arrival of electric vehicles, BC Hydro has taken the lead in the development of codes and standards, worked with Natural Resources Canada to develop guidelines for charging infrastructure, and participated in a North America-wide research and development collaboration involving General Motors, the Electric Power Research Institute and 34 North American utilities to facilitate integration of plug-in hybrid vehicles into the grid.

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