Vancouver, British Columbia – Vancouver-based Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) has delivered the first of four all-electric vehicles to the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Center in Hawaii. Known as APVs, for Ancillary Power Vehicle, the all-electric trucks allow vehicle operators to invert stored electricity in the vehicles to power industrial equipment, buildings and homes.

The trucks are being delivered in partnership with Honeywell Aerospace. The vehicles will be part of the Research Center’s micro-grid demonstration at Wheeler Air Force Base, making use of REV’s bi-directional charging capabilities.

REV said that in North America, power outages cost the North American economies over $100 billion dollars a year due in part to the lack of energy storage. Using wireless control, APVs can be viewed online as an energy storage resource distributed throughout a region. With a signal from the utility, APVs can instantly charge energy from and discharge energy to the grid wherever the vehicle is plugged in, helping to prevent blackouts and increase the reliability of power grids in the utility’s local areas.

“REV’s APVs lie at the intersection of the automotive and energy industries,” said REV CEO Jay Giraud. “Our APV technology is eliminating transportation emissions, networking large amounts of power and storage, and making it highly accessible anywhere. APVs will change the definition of the car and bring accessible power and storage right into densely populated areas where consumption is high and reliability is needed most.”

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