Ottawa, Ontario – The government of Canada may consider allowing the sale of motor quadricycles, essentially motorized four-wheeled bicycles, for on-road use.

A new public consultation paper will be published to consider the importation and distribution of motor quadricycles for on-road use in Canada. During the 30-day comment period, Canadians may submit opinions on amending the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to allow quadricycles to be imported and manufactured for sale in Canada.

Under the regulations, such vehicles would have to meet safety standards to be set by Transport Canada.

Current regulations stipulate that four-wheeled vehicles must meet the federal regulatory requirements for the prescribed class of passenger car or low-speed vehicle for on-road use. If there is sufficient interest, the government would propose a new vehicle class. The provinces and territories would then separately determine whether to allow or prohibit such vehicles on their roads, and would be responsible for operator training, licensing requirements, and enforcement of their own road use legislation.

The Notice of Intent can be found in the Canada Gazette under May 8, 2010 in Part One.

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