Brooklyn, Michigan – A Canadian entry in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE for fuel-efficient vehicles is now out of competition following the second-stage Knockout Qualifying Stage. Fifteen of the original 26 vehicles passed the range and dynamic stability tests to move on to the next stage of the challenge.

The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE is a US$10 million competition designed to inspire a new generation of vehicles capable of achieving 100 MPGe (miles per gallon or its energy equivalent). The range and stability tests were overseen by Consumer Reports, the competition’s testing partner.

The Canadian team, Future Vehicle Technologies (FVT) based in British Columbia, ran a plug-in electric series hybrid called the eVaro.

The remaining vehicles, two in the Mainstream class and 13 in the Alternative class, will now proceed to the finals stage at Michigan International Speedway from July 19 to 30.

During the knockout challenge, vehicles had to pass a repeat of technical inspections and on-track safety tests featured in the first Shakedown Stage held in May. The vehicles also had to complete emissions, efficiency and range events, in which they had to achieve at least two-thirds the minimum fuel economy and range requirements, set at a total target of 100 MPGe. Teams included established automakers, start-ups, universities, inventors and even a high school.

In the Mainstream Class, the remaining vehicles are two versions of the Edison2 Very Light Car, using an internal combustion engine. In the Alternative Class, vehicles include the U.S.-based Tango battery electric, the Spira from Thailand, X-Tracer electric car from Switzerland, California-based ZAP electric car, and battery-electric Tata from the U.K.

For more information, visit Auto X PRIZE.

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