Ottawa, Ontario – New Canadian regulations that require gasoline to have an average renewable fuel content of five per cent have been finalized and will come into effect starting December 15, 2010.

“Today we are fulfilling the government’s commitment to require five per cent renewable fuel content in gasoline,” said Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment. “Regulating renewable fuel content in gasoline is just one of several steps the government is taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, which account for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions.”

In addition, Canada will implement a requirement for two per cent renewable content in diesel fuel and heating oil, subject to successful demonstration of technical feasibility under the range of Canadian conditions. If the fuel proves viable, it will be put into place by an amendment to the renewable fuels regulation. When fully implemented, the strategy’s two regulatory requirements, combined with provincial regulations, will ensure a total volume of renewable fuel that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to four mega-tonnes in 2012, about the equivalent of taking one million vehicles off the road.

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