Sacramento, California – California has dropped its “cool cars” regulation, which would have required new vehicles to use special reflective glass to reduce air conditioning use. The Air Resources Board (ARB) said that stakeholders raised several issues involving the performance of electronic devices due to the glass.

The cool cars regulation was adopted by the ARB in June 2009 and would have required a 60 per cent reduction in heat absorption through the windows when fully implemented. Based on the standards specified, ARB originally expected reflective glass to be used for windshields in 2012 and on all windows in 2016, unless manufacturers used alternate options for 2016 and beyond. The special glass was expected to reduce the use of air conditioning by reducing the heat inside vehicles parked in the sun.

The ARB said that the issues raised by stakeholders concerned public safety over electronic devices that might not work with the glass, such as cell phones and GPS navigation devices. Instead, the board will pursue a performance-based approach as part of its vehicle climate change program to reduce CO2 from air conditioning and provide cooler car interiors for California drivers.

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