Vancouver, British Columbia – The City of Santa Monica, California is the first U.S. customer to purchase an electric vehicle system from Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) of Vancouver.

The city will use the REV 300 ACX PACK to transform a Ford Escape into a 100 per cent electrified vehicle for fleet use. The vehicle features fast-install AC drive technology and integrated data management, and is compatible with networked charging station infrastructure.

“We partnered with REV on this project because they have produced a high-quality conversion and they are leading the way with innovative, economical and eco-friendly solutions to help move fleets toward zero emission vehicles,” said Rick Sikes, city fleet superintendent. “The City of Santa Monica has a long history of sustainability and is committed to preserving our picturesque environment and resources for future generations to enjoy. The REV 300 ACX will help us reach these goals.”

The REV system travels 160 km on a single charge, while maintaining the performance capabilities of the original vehicle, and recharges in as little as 3.5 hours. It includes regenerative braking, an eGear drive transmission, and fewer than ten moving parts.

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