Murray Hill, New Jersey – Hydrogen-powered buses running in California’s San Francisco Bay area will be refuelled by new, fast-filling systems being built by Linde North America. The new pumps use less electricity and require less maintenance.

The fuel cell buses are operated by the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit), which operates in 13 cities in the East Bay Area, including Oakland and Berkeley. Linde has contracted with AC Transit to supply the hydrogen fuelling technology and hydrogen for the new stations, which will be located at two AC Transit operating divisions.

For these stations, Linde is using technology known as ionic compression, a high-performance, fast-fill dispensing system which it has used in stations in Europe. The system can fill a bus with 30 kg of hydrogen in six minutes, or can fill an automobile in three minutes for 480 to 640 km of operation. The station at AC Transit’s Emeryville site will use liquid hydrogen produced off-site, and gaseous hydrogen produced from water by an electrolyzer that will use renewable energy credits generated by AC Transit’s new solar installation at its central maintenance facility. The station will also be able to fill hydrogen fuel cell cars made by major auto manufacturers, including Hyundai, Daimler, Toyota, GM and Honda.

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