Toronto, Ontario – Transit users will have a quicker ride on Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway (DVP) thanks to new planned bypass lanes for GO Transit buses when the highway is clogged.

The City of Toronto and GO Transit are working together to allow the buses to use shoulder lanes on a segment of the DVP at times when regular traffic is moving slowly. This will help improve travel times for commuters who choose public transit. The initiative was approved by Toronto City Council in June.

As part of the initiative, GO Transit buses will be able to travel in the shoulder lanes between Lawrence Avenue and a point just north of York Mills Road, in both directions, beginning on September 7. The buses will be allowed to use the lanes when traffic slows to speeds lower than 60 km/h. The buses must not exceed 20 km/h over the speed of regular traffic.

“This initiative is another important step in our efforts to make Toronto a transit-friendly city and an environmental leader,” said Toronto mayor David Miller. “Those who choose to drive the Don Valley Parkway will have exactly the same number of lanes as they have now. But it is our hope that with improvements to the speed of GO bus service, more people will get out of their cars and opt for public transit, thereby reducing congestion, gridlock and pollution.”

The $120,000 project was funded by GO Transit. Both GO and the city will monitor the lanes and are considering other locations on the highway where bus bypass lanes could be implemented.

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