Spartanburg, South Carolina – BMW will use hydrogen fuel cells to power the material handling equipment at its manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Forklifts, tuggers and stackers powered by hydrogen will be used in a new assembly hall for production of the BMW X3.

The fuel cells take stored chemical energy in the hydrogen and convert it into electrical energy. The only byproducts are heat and water. The new technology is being implemented in concert with partners from Linde North America and Plug Power.

“BMW has taken another important step to affirm our global commitment to sustainability with a project such as this in Spartanburg,” said Josef Kerscher, president of BMW Manufacturing. “There’s a clear vision and determination to reach our goal of using renewable energy as much as possible throughout the plant site.”

Initially, the hydrogen-powered material handling fleet will consist of more than 85 pieces of equipment, making it one of the largest hydrogen fuel cell fleets in the U.S.

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