Spartanburg, South Carolina – BMW Manufacturing has announced it has begun a study into the feasibility of using wind energy at its assembly plant in South Carolina.  BMW will partner with renewable energy company Gold Ring Power to conduct an energy audit to gather data on wind speed and patterns throughout the site.

“Globally, wind power is growing at a rate of about 30 per cent annually and is widely used in several European countries,” said Duncan Seaman, facilities manager for BMW. “This assessment is an ongoing commitment by BMW to investigate renewable energy options.”

Two towers have been installed on the plant site, and will be fitted with anemometers, similar to measuring devices used by meteorologists, to collect data on wind speed and direction. The towers will stay in place for two weeks, and then be moved to other locations on the site to gather additional data.

Currently, 63 per cent of the plant is powered through recycled methane gas from the local landfill. Launched in 2003, the Landfill Gas To Energy Project has saved the company over US$1 million per year in energy costs.

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