Munich, Germany – The BMW Group has announced it has developed a hydrogen engine that achieves efficiencies on par with turbodiesel engines. The “H2BVplus” project was developed by BMW Group’s Forschung und Technik (research and technology) in cooperation with researchers in Graz and Vienna.

“In light of the limited availability of fossil fuels and the rising environmental impact from harmful emissions, we are convinced that the H2 combustion engine will assume an important position in the product portfolio of future alternative drive concepts,” said Professor Dr. Raymond Freymann, Managing Director of BMW Forschung und Technik. “It will crucially contribute to safeguarding our individual mobility at the high level the customer expects.”

The newly-developed combustion system combines the strengths of spark-ignition and diesel concepts with the favourable combustion properties of hydrogen, achieving efficiency values that easily bear comparison with state-of-the-art turbodiesel engines. Engineers developed a new cylinder head for hydrogen operation, based on a production diesel engine.

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