Victoria, British Columbia – British Columbia and the California Air Resources Board  have signed a memorandum of understanding to pave the way for stringent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for new light-duty vehicles.

“This agreement demonstrates the strong partnership we have established with the State of California and California Air Resources Board,” said Environment Minister Barry Penner. “In the face of uncertainty at international and national levels, we’ve been working across borders and uniting in action as a province and a state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.”

The memorandum commits the Ministry of Environment and the California Air Resources Board to move forward in partnership in the implementation of GHG emissions standards for new cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks. Vehicle emissions standards mirroring California’s are projected to reduce GHG emissions from light-duty vehicles in B.C. by 30 per cent in 2016, relative to current vehicles.

Both parties will share information and resources to support consistent application of vehicle emissions standards to vehicle models available in California and B.C., including cooperation on vehicle test data and the determination of GHG emissions associated with each light-duty passenger vehicle included in a manufacturer’s vehicle fleet.

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