Ingolstadt, Germany – Audi has announced a new start-stop system for European vehicles, the first time it has been used with the company’s S tronic dual-clutch automatic transmission. Previously, the system was only available on manual transmissions.

The system will debut on the A3 1.6 TDI and A3 1.4 TFSI in November.

The start-stop system turns the engine off as soon as the vehicle comes to a stop, and the engine stays off as long as the driver has the brake pedal depressed. As soon as the foot is removed, the start-stop turns the engine back on.

Both models also feature a standard on-board energy recovery system. During braking and coasting, the system controls the alternator to recover energy, which is temporarily stored in the battery. The energy is then fed back into the electrical system during acceleration, reducing the load on the alternator and saving fuel. The start-stop and energy recovery systems reach their highest potential in urban driving conditions, where Audi said most customers drive every day.

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