Edmonton, Alberta – The world’s addiction to oil is increasing the threat the Alberta tar sands pose to the global climate, according to a new report by Greenpeace.

The report, Dirty Oil: How the tar sands are fueling the global climate crisis was released in advance of a meeting between Prime Minister Harper and President Obama this Wednesday, and is intended to highlight how continued escalation in the Alberta tar sands operations is leading the world to climate chaos. Currently, the majority of oil recovered from the area is exported to the United States.

The report said that government revenue from the tar sands and oil industry lobbying have made Canada a “global carbon bully,” actively fighting standards to lower the carbon content of fuels, lobbying against U.S. legislation to lower emissions, muzzling federal scientists, and obstructing international climate change negotiations.

The report also states that the tar sands have a higher carbon footprint than any other commercial oil product on the planet, due to their extreme energy intensity; that enough natural gas to heat millions of homes is used daily for tar sands operations; greenhouse emissions from the tar sands could grow to between 127 and 140 million tonnes by 2020, exceeding the current emissions of Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark and likely Belgium; and that Canada does not report life cycle emissions from the tar sands in a transparent way.

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