Toronto, Ontario – Adil Adatia, a student from Lethbridge, Alberta, has been named the 2009 Toyota Earth Day Scholarship national winner. Adatia was chosen first from a pool of hundreds of applicants across Canada, and then from a group of 15 regional student finalists.

Adatia will receive his award at a ceremony on June 2, 2009 in Toronto from Toyota Canada and Earth Day Canada.

The 17-year-old student is the Youth Coordinator for the Southern Alberta Community for Environmental Education, and has conducted original research in bio-pesticides. His work has resulted in the discovery that fungi could be used as a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical pesticides in controlling grasshopper populations that attack crops in Alberta.  He also spearheaded the creation of a drought-tolerant garden on unused high school grounds to address the issues of water shortages and endangered species in southern Alberta, and is the founder of his school’s Environmental Club.

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