By Grant Yoxon

1017 kilometres. Who would have thought.

Well, Paula Goodman of Oakville, Ontario and Daphne Smith of Barrie, Ontario did, both stating the Toyota Corolla would go 1017 kilometres on 50 litres of fuel. Paula and Daphne will receive a gift certificate for $150 of gasoline.

One other entrant came close, selecting the Toyota Corolla at 1016. He’s been notified that he too is a winner in Autos’s 50-litre ChallengeTM Gas Giveaway.

Paul Kilpatrick of Sussex Corner, New Brunswick guessed the Corolla would go 1018 kiliometres which would have left him walking to the gas station. For being close-but-not-close-enough we’ll be sending Paul a $50 gasoline gift certificate.

In the ten days that the contest ran, we received 6576 entries, more than 650 a day, showing that our visitors are keenly interested in, and knowledgeable about fuel economy.

We’re guessing that many contest entrants checked out our 2005 50-litre ChallengeTM as 47 per cent thought the Honda Civic would win the 2008 50-litre Challenge — as it did in 2005. Less than half that number, 21 per cent selected the Toyota Corolla.

That the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla garnered 68 per cent of the votes cast is indicative of the strong reputation these cars have for being fuel efficient. Amongst our other contenders, only the Volkswagen City Golf received more than 5 per cent of the votes (7 per cent). Other popular makes included the Ford Focus (5 per cent), Hyundai Elantra (4 per cent) and Kia Spectra (4 per cent). The remaining seven challengers shared 12 per cent of votes cast.

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