Houston, Texas – A tire symposium in Chengdu in October will present several new technologies to Chinese manufacturers, including an inner liner with the potential to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

ExxonMobil Chemical will host Tire Symposium 2009, featuring product marketing and technologies specialists who will present future tire inner liner technologies. The company’s Exxcore DVA resin-based inner liners have the potential to reduce tire weight, while being up to ten times more effective at retaining air than conventional inner liners of the same thickness. This inflation pressure retention can produce tires that last longer, handle better, and contribute to improved fuel economy.

“This event will give Chinese tire manufacturers a close-up view of inner liner technology that will influence the tire industry and tire manufacturing,” said John Lyon of ExxonMobil Chemical. “We think it’s the perfect opportunity for Chinese companies to gain additional information to help put themselves at the forefront of trends and technology that can help them be more successful.”

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