Findlay, Ohio – Cooper Tire & Rubber has added its first low-rolling-resistance tire line, the Cooper GFE (Greater Fuel Efficiency).

“With the recent volatility in gasoline prices, customers are looking for ways to improve their vehicle fuel economy,” said Church Yurkovich, vice-president of global technology. “Tire rolling resistance has a significant impact on vehicle fuel economy, so Cooper responded with a new tire specifically designed for fuel-efficient vehicles.”

The GFE is offered in eight sizes, with key fitments including the Toyota Prius, Corolla, Yaris and Echo, Honda Civic Hybrid and Fit, and several other vehicles from Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Nissan among others.

The GFE uses Cooper Energy Return Technology, which uses silica technology and a specialized polymer for very low rolling resistance, but with outstanding wet grip and long tread life. It also employs unique mold technology that provides stable handling when the tire is new, and maintains wet and winter traction as the tread wears. An optimized tread pattern produces a quiet ride.

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