So it’s the weekend and you could go outside, but it’s warm and humid, and who has time for that? No, we’ve got the perfect, indoor, air-conditioned solution for you: a quick rundown of all the top stories from this week.

From the News Feed

Big news this week from GM, which fired 15 employees and disciplined 5 others over the mishandling of an ignition switch recall.

Of course, the new Corvette Z06 engine rated for 650 hp and 650 lb-ft was much more exciting.

You might have also heard about the mystery Nissan making its debut in Gran Turismo 6 (larger version of the poster here). Note that this is not the new Frontier they were teasing on Facebook and Instagram that was later leaked.

Other headlines included the official announcement of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata price, which retains its current price of $23,999; and some hatchback love in the form of a new Mini 5-door, and a possible new Scion based on the Toyota Auris.

If racing is more your speed (is this a pun? I can’t tell anymore), resident motorsport fanatic Jacob Black’s got the highlights from the the week after the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, the IndyCar Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR Coke 600.

Vehicle Comparisons

This week saw the Hyundai Santa Fe XL go head-to-head with the Toyota Highlander. There was a competition of a different kind between the Mazda3 Sport and the Mini Cooper in the Head vs Heart comparison. Both contests saw victory by the narrowest of margins; you might be surprised by which vehicles came out ahead.

Vehicle Reviews

James Bergeron was behind the wheel of the Buick LaCrosse this week and, amazingly, didn’t made any jokes about the name. Mark Stevenson revisited the Cadillac SRX and discovered the limits of adaptive cruise control.

Jeff attended the Subaru Legacy launch event in Lafayette, IN, while Justin was up to no good in the WRX.

If you love Mother Earth and love government rebates even more, editor Jonathan Yarkony took the brand-new BMW i3 for a spin. Need something bigger? Tom Sedens had the Toyota Prius V.

Jacob waxed philosophical about his unhealthy affection for the Nissan Juke NISMO RS. But you don’t have to be crazy to love the Kia Soul.

Lesley Wimbush had fun with the top down in the Mercedes-Benz E 550 Cabriolet. Fixed roof enthusiast? Maybe check out the Honda Civic Coupe instead.

Used Vehicles

Brendan McAleer took an extended holiday down memory lane with a trio of articles. First up, Obtainable Unobtainium visited his choice of “delicate French automotive pastries”. Next, a bevy of TV Star Cars. Finally, he unearthed treasures of the recent past in Micra-Priced Deals.

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