Full reveal in ‘coming weeks’, says release

Volvo has dropped a series of images highlighting the much improved interior in the next Volvo XC90.

Using a common mixture of leather, wood, and plastics doesn’t seem to push the envelope. But, their arrangement is quite handsome and well designed, especially with touches like a crystal glass gear lever from Orrefors.

The new model will also feature new, slimmer chairs that require less padding to be comfortable, more adjustability in the 2nd row, and a more spacious 3rd row. Volvo will also offer four-zone climate control with a separate air conditioning unit for the third row in some markets.

Taking a page from ‘The Book of Tesla’, Volvo will use a large tablet-format screen for their infotainment system, something Senior Editor Jonathan Yarkony is not too fond of.

“So they’re going the Tesla route and expanding vertically, eh? Doesn’t seem to be naturally integrated in the centre stack, the vents bulging from it like that,” stated Yarkony.

We should see the rest of Volvo’s next XC90 soon, hopefully before the end of summer.

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