Port city Uber riders will get five free rides, up to $25 in value, until July 2

Taxi riders in Halifax looking for an alternative to the norm, luxury limo service Uber has arrived and are undergoing what the company calls a ‘secret test phase’ until July 2, the company said in a blog post.

During the pre-launch of Uber in Halifax and neighbouring cities, the service will offer up to five free rides per person at a value of $25 or less per trip.

Uber Halifax is currently only running a fairly limited number of cars on their Uber Black level service.

The luxury limo service has been in the news lately, mainly in Europe, as the big disrupter of traditional taxi services. Many taxi drivers in Europe went on strike, protesting Uber’s method of doing business, which sometimes contravenes local taxi regulations.

Fares are based on demand and level of service requested, with even the basic Uber Black service usually costing more than the typical taxi fare. However, Uber contends they provide a higher level of service than typical taxi operators as well, and their prices are reflected in that service.

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, when Uber officially launched their service and free ride program, yours truly tried to give the service a bit of a test. As stated above, vehicle availability is quite limited at the moment. When I did finally ‘confirm’ a driver, he cancelled on me twice. Uber Halifax stated via Twitter to me in a direct message this is “not the service we expect from our partners” and offered a $20 credit (equivalent to the fee I would have had to pay had I cancelled the rides).

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