According to Autocar, a senior engineering chief disclosed development is well underway.

Speaking with Koei Saga, senior manager for drivetrain engineering for Toyota, at IAA Frankfurt, Autocar has learned an electrified GT86 is in the works using the same electric drivetrain as many other Toyota hybrid models.

“The development work is quite advanced now, so if the green light is given, we are ready to do it,” explained Saga to Autocar.

Since the GT86 and Scion FR-S are sports cars and many prospective owners would prefer a manual transmission, this could mean a hybrid version would go up against the CR-Z, the only hybrid on sale in our market with a manual. But, with sales of the CR-Z dismal at best, don’t expect a hybrid FR-S to be coming to our shores anytime soon.

[Source: Autocar]

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