2009 Scion Revault tC
2009 Scion Revault tC. Click image to enlarge

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Vancouver, British Columbia – Toyota has presented three highly customized Scion models at the Vancouver International Auto Show, in anticipation of the official Canadian launch of Scion in September.

“Scion drivers are a new generation of enthusiastic car buyers who feel it’s important that what they drive expresses their individuality in the same fashion as their clothes, music and lifestyle in general,” said Larry Hutchinson, director for Scion. “The Scion generation represents one of the fastest-growing demographics in Canada. We are pleased to bring three standout examples of the promise and potential of Scion to Vancouver.”

The display includes the 2009 Scion Revault tC, which won the 2009 Scion Tuner Challenger; 2010 Scion xB Release Series 7.0, a limited-edition of 2,000 individually-badged production vehicles featuring a special body kit and TRD accessories; and 2010 Scion xD by MV Designz, with 5-Axis body kit, custom wheels and performance shocks and springs.

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