Mississauga, Ontario – Subaru Canada has announced its sponsorship of the debut of the Japanese Suite, a performance and recording of a new jazz suite, at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) in Toronto on May 23.

The suite, and a new work created specifically for the occasion and named the Subaru Suite, was written by pianist Gene DiNovi. He will perform the work alongside clarinetist James Campbell and bassist Dave Young. The work includes original musical impressions of Japan, as well as jazz interpretations of traditional Japanese melodies. The performance will be recorded live at the event for release on CD.

“It is an honour and a pleasure for Subaru to be a part of this world premiere performance, as three of Canada’s most talented and respected musicians help us celebrate the Japanese-Canadian experience,” said Katsuhiro Yokoyama, president and CEO of Subaru Canada. “This cultural interaction is an important means of promoting mutual friendship and understanding, and we are all grateful to Gene DiNovi and the JCCC for helping join us together under the umbrella of music, something we can all enjoy regardless of our personal cultural history.”

For more information on the concert, visit JCCC.on.ca.

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