Toronto, Ontario – The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive has made its Canadian debut at the 2010 Canadian International Auto Show. The two-seater is the world’s first emission-free vehicle with lithium-ion technology and an intelligent charging management system on board.

The electric Smart will be delivered to select fleet, business and private customers around the world as part of various e-mobility projects. These customers will receive a complete service package under a “full service rental model” program, with the key objective of the projects being to evaluate customer behaviour and specific support services.

The electric Smart will be made available to customers in Canada in the fall of 2010, along with Germany, Italy, Spain, England, France, Switzerland and the United States.

When fully charged, the electric Smart has a range of 135 kilometres, and can be hooked up to a public charging station or any household socket to charge the battery. Its onboard intelligent management system allows for the permanent exchange of information with the grid, including simplified billing from one account no matter where the vehicle is charged. The vehicle can also indicate its current range at any time or place via a Smartphone or other Internet interface. The vehicle can also be pre-heated or pre-cooled as soon as the vehicle is connected to the grid supply, and the electronics will be available for future applications, such as active management of the charging process.

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