Smart delivers 100,000th redesigned Fortwo general news
The 100,000th second-generation Fortwo is handed over to its owner. Click image to enlarge

Stuttgart, Germany – Smart has announced the delivery of the 100,000th copy of the second-generation Fortwo to a customer at the Smart Center Munich in Germany. Following its U.S. sales start in January, the Smart is now available in 37 countries.

“The new Fortwo is even more comfortable, more agile, safer, and more environmentally friendly than its successful predecessor,” said Anders Sundt Jensen, responsible for brand management at Smart. “The new Fortwo is now offered in 37 countries, where enthusiastic owners are won over by the vehicle’s lifestyle-oriented design, as well as its exceptional fuel economy and environmental compatibility.”

The Fortwo is most popular with customers in Italy and Germany, which account for two-thirds of all sales. Worldwide, two out of three buyers choose the premium “Passion” trim line.

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