Sometimes rumours are just that and need to be put in their place

Recently, we have followed two stories in particular that seem to have taken on lives of their own: the 2015 Ford Mustang gaining buffet-worthy amounts of weight and the next-generation Nissan Frontier to be based on the previous-generation D22 platform.

2015 Ford Mustang Weight Gain: Freshman 15 or Senior 150?

The fine folks at Jalopnik were able to get their hands on official Ford curb weights thanks to a cooperative dealer in Florida.

2015 Mustang Weight Table

According to the table above, the 2015 Mustang GT Fastback with manual transmission will tip the scales at 3704 lbs, some 86 lbs heavier than the outgoing model at 3618 lbs. This is a far cry from the 170 lbs previously reported by Road&Track.

Next-Generation Nissan Frontier: To D22 or Not D22?

Yesterday, we ran the rumour from TTAC of Nissan using the previous-generation D22 chassis for the next-generation Frontier in North America.


C&D seems to have another take, also citing sources, on what will make up the next Frontier.

Stating “We believe we’ve gotten to the bottom of things, or at least as well as we can for a product that’s still two to three years out,” C&D believes this is highly unlikely after speaking to their own sources close to Nissan.

Instead, the buffbook says the new Navara will serve as the basis for the next-generation Frontier. However, we may only see the redesign after the new Navara undergoes its first mid-cycle refresh.

[Image Source: Jalopnik]

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