Say goodbye to your modern 510 dreams

When Nissan showed off the IDx concepts to the gathered masses, the media was in heaven. The much-loved 510 could possibly be reincarnated into a modern, rear-drive coupe, affordable for almost all of us.

However, if a report from is to be believed, expect your modern 510 dreams to be shattered.

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Citing “a source close to Nissan,” designers have taken a different direction with the BRZ/FR-S competitor, sculpting bodywork more in line with the Sports Sedan Concept/Maxima than the original 510.

This means Nissan will be completely eschewing heritage in favour of modern design, taking away much of the retro charm show-goers fell in love with in the first place.

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However, it may not matter in the end.

Nissan has never officially confirmed a production model based on the IDx concepts and much of what’s been said of a possible production car has been conflicting, even between ranking officials at Nissan.


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