Scion brand looking to source product from Europe instead of Japan

Scion is, without a doubt, in desperate need of new product. And according to AutoGuide, the youth-oriented Toyota brand may get it in the form of new models that don’t directly replace current offerings.

One of those new models would be a five-door hatchback, possibly based on the European market Toyota Auris. The current Auris, sold in Japanese and European markets, offers all-wheel drive, though we doubt it would be offered in North America.

The second model hinted, though slightly perplexing, is a new sedan based on the next-generation Mazda2.

The new Toyota Yaris was originally planned to be based on the Mazda sub-compact. Also, a FR-S based sedan has been rumoured. This latest development could kill the rear-wheel drive sedan idea and could also mean the next Mazda2 will be offered as both a hatchback and sedan.

A small crossover and convertible version of the FR-S could still find their way to Scion dealers, though only the crossover was ‘confirmed’ by the source.

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