Small sports car would be larger than S660, smaller than NSX

According to AutoExpress, which does have a tendency to file reports very close to the salt pile, Honda is working on a successor to the S2000 with the engine placed midship.

From AutoExpress:

A Honda insider told us about a secret in-house meeting at Honda’s Tochigi R&D centre in Japan to discuss the potential for this new mid-sized sports car, which would be part of the world’s first-ever mid-engined trio of sports cars from one manufacturer. From what we’ve heard, there’s a strong chance this new Honda S2000 will get the green light.

The model would be a hardtop versus the previous softtop S2000 and get a turbocharged hybrid setup. In the trunk, the new sports coupe will receive a revised version of the 350 hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder available in the Civic Type-R across the Atlantic.

A new S2000 would sit between the new S660 (not available in North America) and the upcoming Acura NSX.

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