R&T’s Alex Kierstein gives the low-down on Subaru’s STI product timeline and why this doesn’t look like the New York concept.

Everyone was absolutely stunned by the sheer lunacy that came out of Subaru for New York. The WRX concept was the equivalent of a gearhead’s automotive orgasm. Finally, Fuji Heavy Industries is getting serious about the WRX moniker and separating it from the Impreza.

Yesterday, a number of outlets posted spy shots of what looked to be a STI tester making a ring run (we didn’t because we are not about to post photos we haven’t paid for, sorry). The automotive blogosphere let out a collective “WTF Subaru?!?!” as it looks fairly identical to the current Impreza with STI garnish.

Well, here’s why, as explained by R&T’s Alex Kierstein:

“Remember that the “current” WRX and STI are a generation old. I’m sure that Subaru hates this lag-and-then-catch-up cycle for their performance variants, but that’s their reality. And so it would make sense that this is a current-generation Impreza, pumped up to STI grade. So it’ll be Impreza-based, it’ll probably share the Impreza name (i.e. Impreza WRX STI), and will be visually in line with the hotted-up Impreza sedans and hatches we’re grown accustomed to seeing over the last couple of generations.”

He does add a little bit more to the conversation than the above paragraph. If you want to read that, head over to our friends at Road&Track. They also have the pictures you so desire.

[Photo: Chris Doane Automotive]

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