Full-size SUVs to arrive the year following truck debuts

General Motors, just a year after introducing redesigned light-duty pickups, will completely overhaul their Sierra and Silverado lines earlier than initially expected, states Reuters according to supplier sources.

The trucks are being pushed up in an effort to meet more stringent fuel economy regulations and narrow the gap with Ford.

Full-size SUV models Yukon, Yukon XL, Suburban, and Tahoe will follow a year later.

Two main changes to the trucks will make them more efficient.

The first is a massive reduction in weight, though Reuters did not explicitly specify how General Motors will achieve the weight savings. With Ford adopting aluminum for body panel construction, this seems to be the most likely avenue.

While GM has rolled out all-new engines in the past year, more advanced engines and transmissions are stated to be on the horizon as well. Again, specifics were not given beyond eight-speed transmissions arriving next year and a new 10-speed transmission being jointly developed between General Motors and Ford.

The new pickups are expected to arrive in 2018.


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