FoMoCo threatening to take Chrysler to court over “best-in-class” marketing

According to Automotive News, there’s a bit of a shoving – erm, towing – match going on in Detroit between Ford and Ram over Class 3 and Class 4 pickups. At issue is whether Ram or Ford can claim the honours of “best in class” towing for Class 3 trucks.

Ford states their 2015 F-450 4×4 can tow 31,200 lbs, yet even with the 450 nomenclature, the Blue Oval says it’s a Class 3 pickup.

Ram sees the issue differently, stating their Ram 3500, which can tow 30,000 lbs, is best in class as the F-450 is actually a Class 4 pickup.

The class of a truck is determined by gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), determined by the truck’s base curb weight plus maximum payload, and the Class 3 limit is 14,000 lbs.

Ford states the F-450, even with a base curb weight of 8,611 lbs and maximum payload of 5,450 lbs (14,061 lbs combined), their truck is under the 14,000 lbs limit when “various items are deleted from a base F-450” as they may be by a customer when ordering.

Ram uses base curb weights without deletions to calculate truck classification.

Full details can be found at Automotive News.

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