Mississauga, Ontario – Porsche Canada has announced pricing for all of its 2011 model year Cayenne, Panamera and sports car models.

The all-new, next-generation Cayenne, larger, better-performing and up to 23 per cent more fuel efficient than the 2010 models, starts at $58,200 for the V6-powered Cayenne. The 400-horsepower Cayenne S starts at $76,00, the new Cayenne S Hybrid is $80,800, and the 500-horsepower Cayenne Turbo is $123,900. The Cayenne S and Turbo go on sale in July, with the Cayenne and S Hybrid appearing in the fall.

The 2011 Panamera lineup adds two V6-powered models, the Panamera and Panamera 4. Pricing starts at $88,000 for the 300-horsepower Panamera, and $92,800 for the Panamera 4. Pricing for the V8-powered models are the same as in 2010, with $115,100 for the Panamera S; $120,300 for the Panamera 4S; and $155,000 for the 500-horsepower Panamera Turbo.

Thanks to an alignment in standard equipment levels in the U.S., several Porsche cars have lower list prices than in 2010. The 2011 Boxster starts at $58,000, which is $1,600 less expensive, while a 911 Carrera is $2,600 less than the 2010 model.

New for 2011, the 911 Turbo S is priced at $200,000 for the coupe, and $213,200 for the cabriolet.

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