Mechanic took car home for weekend and racked up 500 kilometres in mileage

After dropping off his $70,000 Audi S4 at Calgary-area Glenmore Audi a day earlier, Chris Jackson was surprised to find his prized vehicle missing from the dealer lot.

He dropped the car off on Friday to have a navigation system issue diagnosed and windshield repaired, but returned the following day to retrieve a forgotten item from the car. It was upon his return that he, nor the staff at the dealership, could find the S4.

“And the dealer’s response was, ‘It’s OK, just go home, your car’s fine, it’s probably just somewhere on the lot. We can’t find it,’” Jackson told CBC News.

He scoured the lot, walking around the property three times.

“So I went back in and the dealer said again, ‘You just need to go home.’ And I said, ‘No, no, I need to find my car. I need to know where my car is.’”

It wasn’t until Jackson called the police to report a stolen car that Glenmore Audi decided to call its mechanics. Eventually, one mechanic said he had the car at home.

Glenmore Audi told CBC the technician needed the vehicle for an extended period of time to diagnose the navigation issue. The Jacksons contend the mechanic drove the car some 500 kilometers, while the dealership says its around 150 km.

The Jacksons and Glenmore Audi are now not on speaking terms, with Audi Canada mediating the situation.

Jackson states he’s “in a bit of a pickle” as his lease agreement states he must get the car serviced at Glenmore Audi.

[Image from file, not vehicle in question.]


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