New T1 successor will only be shown to prospective customers for now

Hot off the tails of news Caparo is developing a successor to their incredibly capable T1 racer for the road, the UK based company has announced the T1 Evolution’s price.

€1.1 million, or 1.62 million of our own Canadian dollars.

In a statement posted earlier today, Caparo announced the above pricing while also urging the press and fans to remain calm.

“We understand that the T1 has a huge number of dedicated fans, eager to find out more about the vehicle. However, in the interests of our clients and preserving their rights to a one-of-a-kind experience, we will only be revealing the styling and full specification of the limited edition Evolution to customers at this stage,” stated the release.

The new T1 Evolution is expected to have at least 700 bhp and a full assortment of go fast goodies along with a gentleman racing support program for those who want to enjoy their new four wheeled toy on the track.

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