If you were considering heading to your Honda dealer to get into a 2016 Civic, you might have to hold that thought for a while. Honda America has ordered a stop-sale on all the models equipped with the 2.0L base engine. The culprits are the improperly installed – or altogether missing – piston pin snap rings. This issue could end up causing the engine to stall or even fail.

No recall has been issued yet, but with over 33,000 units on the road in the United States and about 8,000 in Canada, it’s only a matter of time until new Honda owners are called back to their dealer. Dealers have been instructed to inspect the  2.0L Civics currently on stock, however until the situation is properly addressed and fixed, no more Civic LX, EX and DX are to be sold.

For those in a hurry to get into a new Civic, the top of the line EX-T and Touring models remain available as the 1.5L turbo is unaffected by the issue.

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